High light transmission, impact-resistant polycarbonate PC body , more lightweight design. With optional 110V plug, easy to travel and variation of uses. By using fixed current drive, our products have a steady brightness even with varying voltage ,which increases LED lifespan.A unique protection circuit prevents LED Lights from power surge, unstable voltage, and sudden power failure.Our products have passed insulation tests, suitable for machinery use, using high reliable LED of world famous manufacturer.Lighting for distribution box ,machinery, and cold storage warehouse.
・Conformity standards: 
・Color temp.:5,700K
・Lifespan:40,000 hours at max working temp. of 40℃     (104°F)at 70% LUX
・Operation temp.:-10℃~40℃( 14°F~104°F)(unfrozen)
・Protection ratings:IP65
・Standard cable:AC100~240V 3M(VCTF0.75mm²x2C)
・Magnet bracket(ND-P03)(Neodymium) 
・Angle adjustment bracket(ND-P07、ND-P09)
・Cable with plug,2M(VCTF0.75mm²x2C)




Type drawing Power source Wattage Lumens Lux/m
NLT2-10-AC-S AC 100~240V 7.5W 700 lm 175 Lux
NLT2-20-AC-S 16W 1400 lm 310 Lux
NLT2-30-AC-S 23W 2100 lm 440 Lux
NLT2-40-AC-S 30W 2800 lm 530 Lux





type/ Length(mm) A B
NLT2-10-AC-S 290 300
NLT2-20-AC-S 510 520
NLT2-30-AC-S 725 735
NLT2-40-AC-S 940 950



‧NLT2 series Model Variation