NLT8 series
NLT8 series,with the power of 2000 Lumens, the same as 40W fluorescent light. Lifespan up to 40000 hours with temperature of 40 ℃. It has G13 cap, same as fluorescent light. Directly wire, bypassing ballast, it can using the same fixture. In addition, our product have a spinning cap with light angle up to 220 degrees, and cap can also adjust to ±45 degrees.
・Conformity standards: 
・Lifespan:40,000 hours at max working temp. of 40℃
   (104°F)at 70% LUX
・Operation temp:-10℃~40℃( 40°F~104°F)(unfrozen)
・Body:plastic/aluminum alloy


Model Flux Lumens(1m) Voltage Power Color temp. Weight
NLT8-41 2200 lm 490 lx AC 100~240V
19W 5700K 370g



‧Comsumption comparison

  traditional Eletrical LED
Power comsumption
49W 42W 19W  
watt/1 month
14,700W 12,600W 5,700W 9,000/6,900W
watt/1 year 176,400W 151,200W 273.6元 108,000/82,800W