LED work light with C clamp brackets, equipped with AC adapter, wire and plug. It can be easily clamped on any surface up to 40mm with adjustable metal arm that is easily adjusted to any position. There are 2 series of LED lights, one is the NLSS spotlight and the other is NLUD flat light. NLUD series lights can be dimmed (20%~100%). The light use backlighting technology which does not produce glare and it does not cause eye strain over long periods of use. It is perfectly suited for inspection work.
• Conformity standards:  
• Lifespan: 40,000 hours at max working temp. of 40  C (104°F) at 70% LUX
• Operation temp.:-10°C ~ 40°C(14°F~104°F) (unfrozen)
• Water-proof rating:NLSS03C-IP65  (Lamp head)
                                              NLSS05C/15C-IP67 (Lamp head)
• Cable:NLSS 03C/05C/15C
2M wire with plug (VCTF 0.75mm  x2C)
NLUD 05/10
2-prong AC/DC power adapter with 2M wire length
(AC100~240V ND-PM243)



Model Drawing Power source Wattage Flux Lumens(1m)
NLSS03CBT4-AC AC100-120V 6W 430 lm 1750 lx
NLSS05CBT4-AC AC100-120V 6W 430 lm 1750 lx
NLSS15CBT3-AC AC100-120V 9W 660 lm 3600 lx
NLUD05BT4-AC AC100-240V 7W 360 lm 170 lx
NLUD10BT4-AC AC100-240V 14W 770 lm 360 lx




Model/Din(mm) A
NLUD05BT4-AC 777
NLUD10BT4-AC 952