Our LED lights are antiglare.Lights are homogenous and smooth, even under long period time of use, it won’t strain the eyes. Also, it is shadow less and suitable for examination use. By using fixed current drive, our products have a steady brightness even with varying voltage, which increases LED lifespan. A unique protection circuit prevents LED Lights from power surge, unstable voltage, and sudden power failure.Our products have passed insulation tests, suitable for machinery use,using high reliable LED of world famous manufacturer.Lighting for examination ,display,and inspection. *NLUD is dimmable
・Conformity standards:
・Color temp.:5,700K
・Lifespan:40,000 hours at max working temp. of 
   40℃  (104°F)at 70% LUX
・Operation temp:-10℃~40℃(14°F~104°F)(unfrozen)
・Protection ratings:IP50
・AC power adapter(AC100~240V)(ND-PM243)



Model Drawing Flux Lumen(1m) Power Cable Input voltage Mount

 360 Lm  170 Lx  5.8W 3M  DC24V
Neodymium magnet
(back side) 2pcs

 770 Lm  360 Lx  12W

 1170 Lm  480 Lx  19W

 360 Lm  170 Lx  6W

 770 Lm  360 Lx  12W

 1170 Lm  480 Lx 19W
Neodymium magnet
(back side) 4pcs

780Lm  290Lx 12W

1300 Lm 595 Lx 23W




Model/Dim.(mm) A B
NLU05 215 190
NLU10 390 365
NLU20 535 510
Model/Dim.(mm) A B
NLUD05 245 205
NLUD10 420 380
NLUD20 565 525
NLUD120-15 245 210
NLUD120-25 420 385


‧NLU series Model Variation