rechargeable led light
Rechargeable LED Light
NLB rechargeable LED light, equips with hi-efficient Li-On battery. Lightweight and lasting LED, suitable for factory, emergency, and outdoor use. It is bright, light, and energy saving.

Conformity standards:   (battery)

Input voltage: Li-On battery

Operation temp: -10℃~40℃( 14°F~104°F)(unfrozen)
Protection ratings: IP65
Body: PC
Power consumption: 3W and 5.4W
◎Options:(refer to pg. 17)
・Build-in Li-On battery, can use up to 6 hours.
・Micro-usb interface, convenient to charge.
・Charge time about 2.75 hours.
・It has full , half,and 1/3 brightness mode,which
    can extended battery life.
・Have strobe light function (hold for 2 seconds), 
    can be used as a warning light.
・It can be mounted with magnet and handle.



Model Drawing Flux Power Lumens(0.5m) Operate time Change time Change Vol. Battery
NLB-03V 300 lm 3W 320 Lux

up to 2hrs(H)

up to 5hrs(M)

up to 12hrs(L)

2.5hrs USB 5V/1A
Li-On battery
NLB-06V 600 lm 5.4W 640 Lux 2.75hrs USB 5V/1A
Li-On battery




Model/ Dim.(mm) A
NLB03V 205
NLB06V 325