The NLL2 series are designed to replace the fluorescent light series, without needing to modify the screw holes, and can be directly installed. Due to the smaller design, the glass external diameter is only 58 mm. By using the fixed current drive, our products have a steady brightness even with varying voltage. A unique protection circuit protects LED lights from power surges, unstable voltage, and sudden power failure. They have passed insulation tests making them suitable for use in machinery. We use aluminum for the main part, semi-tempered glass for the surface, and reliable LED that is from a world famous manufacturer, so NLL2 series is stable and durable.


• Conformity standards:  
• Color temp.:5,700K (standard)
• Lifespan: 40,000 hours at max working temp. of 40°C (104°F) at 70% LUX
• Operation temp.: -10°C ~ 40°C (40°F~104°F)(unfrozen)
• Outer material: Semi-tempered glass tube
• Protection ratings: IP67
• Standard cable:  DC 3M (VCTF 0.5 mm  X2C)
                                    AC 3M (VCTF 0.75 mm  X2C)
• Steel mounting bracket 
• Cable cover



Type drawing Power source Wattage Lumens Lux/m
NLL2 13 DC/AC DC24V 9W 900 lm 240 Lux
AC100~240V 10W 950 lm 250 Lux
NLL2 18 DC/AC DC24V 19W 1950 lm 480 Lux
AC100~240V 18W 2000 lm 500 Lux
NLL2 36 DC/AC DC24V 28W 2950 lm 700 Lux
AC100~240V 27W 3000 lm 720 Lux




Type (mm) A B C
NLL2 13-DC/AC 445 435 385
NLL2 18-DC/AC 545 535 485
NLL2 36-DC/AC 730 720 670